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Fashion is what our designers offer you year after year. And style is what you choose. Let's inspire you to find your style. 

Welcome to the ICHI universe of inspiration. Whether you're in search of new outfits, trend updates, styling tips or just want to reinvent your style, you have come to the right place. Feel free to discover new styles or to adapt the tips and trends into your wardrobe. We bring you the trends - you make them your own. 

Time to layer up - Early Autumn styles for strong women, bracing the Northern elements together

The Nordic countryside tempts with flowery fields, wide heaths, deep waters and forever skies, inviting us on an adventurous journey that is both tender and tough; from early autumn to the deep of winter. As summer retires and makes way for autumn, soak up the last rays of sun and sense the palpable change in pace.

But just because the days are beginning to cool doesn’t mean you need to pack away those summer dresses – in fact, it is just time to layer them up so you can wear them throughout Autumn too. One our favourite outfit combinations is a soft and cozy sweater thrown over an airy summer dress. But there’s more than one way to layer up for the seasonal transition. You can easily wear your favourite pair of ripped jeans or a pair of long boots to cover up those bare, still sun-kissed legs. 

This season, we reflect nature’s own artwork in a collection of cozy materials, eye catching prints and earthy tones inspired by the falling leaves, the dark forests and the sturdy heather. Styles for strong women, bracing the Northern elements together.

Cropped jackets, boiler suits and wine red hues

New season, new way. Within the next couple of months, the days are become shorter and colder, meaning it's time to bring out your favorite jackets. However, instead of automatically reaching for long, fitted, or oversized silhouettes, we suggest cropped jackets: They're a fun alternative to your classic staples. Plus, with a shortened hem, it can also completely change the look of your other favorite bold silhouettes to wear, such as maxi dresses, high-rise pants, or cropped tops, allowing for all the pieces in your wardrobe to go a bit further.

Creating an outfit from a single item just makes getting dressed easier – doesn’t This autumn, the boiler suit is fashion’s go-to trend. It’s not the new jumpsuit – they share the same DNA, but it’s looser and comes in more durable fabrics. The casualization of fashion is really catching on.

As season I changing hues are changing too. Wine tones are perfect for the cooler season, as they add depth and richness to a look without clashing with the colder weather. This season we are crushing on “Merlot”, a deep red wine shade, which displays sophistication and depth.

Timesless checks and casual corduroy

If you’re in love with check, you won’t resist to a checked printed coat’s timeless charm. This fall takes us back to our grandmothers’ old coats, reinterpreting them with an innovative taste.  Check expressed their beauty on typically winter pieces – not just cots but parkas, masculine suits and maxi scarves as well, on rough and rich fabrics like wool, are their match made in Heaven.

Having suffered a turbulent few decades since its 70s heyday, corduroy has a history of being one of the fashion world's most aesthetically divisive fabrics. So, whether you personally love it or hate it, it's still here this season. Stronger and cooler than ever. Our favourite way to wear it? Doubling up via a suit.

Perfect outfits for the early Spring

The forecast calls for minus degrees in the morning and sunny sky during the day. You're stuck racking your brain to come up with a chic look that works for both. You are still finding yourself stucked in your Winter wardrobe with earthy tones and heavy knits and simultaneously you are longing for brighter colours. Sounds familiar? Well, problem solved. We have here given you a wide range of outfits you'll want to steal on those early Spring days.

The styles are dominated by refreshing flower prints complemented by fine, soft hues which will make the transition to a new season wardrobe gradual yet so elegant. 

Playful prints and essentials for warmer days to come

"Orange is the new black" some people might say. During the Autumn/Winter season we have seen the colour as a muted terracotta for autumnal dressing - on everything from outerwear to soft knits. The extensive shade range of orange is what makes it such an interesting style statement for this season and the next. Because this Spring/Summer we are going to see it in a bright and vibrant Summer version. It will to dominate the print designs and swimwear too. We love it - don't you? 

Fruit is no longer just for eating; it's for wearing too. Summery fruit prints are making a splash on everything from tees to swimwear this Summer. Playful and proper at the same time. 

Bright yellow, linen love and sophisticated stripes

This summer linen is going to be a must-have fabric and will return to the forefront of fashionability. Linen is a natural, sustainable fibre and is among the oldest fabrics in the world. Linen is cool - we think. Appearing in button-down skirts, daring dresses and jaunty jumpsuits the age-old material is definitely showing off a new side through modern design and sophistication.  

On the colour side we see the yellow hue moving in on the fashion scene. The bright colour can be worn in so many ways. If you are the bolder type yellow from top to toe is super chic and will ensure you to be be spotted from miles away. Wearing one statement yellow piece and working neturals into your outfit to contrast the brightness is also super workable. However, our favourite way is to ease into the hue is wearing prints and patterns - like the new interpretation of the wardrobe staple leopard print. Yellow and leopard is hard not to love in this dazzling combination. Go explore!

The best things in life are often the basics

While trends come and go, there are some wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetimeThe kind of pieces that’ll go with almost anything in your wardrobe, and compliment every trend-led piece you decided to invest in. They are the foundation of your wardrobe and the never-ending love romance.

The ICHI Wardrobe Essentials are versatile pieces in solid colours and the selection ranges from the perfect white tee and the well-fitted jeans to the flattering knitted jumper and the sophisticated business shirt.

The common ingredient is, that we guarantee that all pieces are available in your size all year round. If you meet a size which is out of stock, it surely will be back within a couple of days.

With good basics you will have endless options.

Essentials of the month

With so many new styles coming in every month it can be hard to survey how to mix and match them. We’ve therefore sought out some guidance from our design team to make it easier for you. We cherry-picked the key outfits of the month to ensure that you can focus on having fun with fashion and look great every day. 

February is officially the last month of Winter, and we are moving towards warmer days. Knits are surely still a must-have in your wardrobe to survive those chilly days, but time is in to be a little more valiant. Team up your printed dresses with a pair of ripped jeans and a pullover in a brighter hue. Who knows - that might even encourage the sun to emerge.  

The denims are still dominating and if you dare to be a little bold, denim styled with denim is still a super cool way to give your outfit a little more edge.

Some memories never fade

Every year in April we launch a special collection with the name “Amour”. Amour is designed as a tribute to love. Capturing beautiful dresses and other delightful items this is the place to find your outfit as a wedding guest or as a quest at other special occasions.

Amour offers a sweet selection of elegant maxi- and midi dresses designed in light and feminine qualities with fine details like lace, embroidery and ruffles. In the collection you will also find skirts, tops and jumpsuits. In addition, Amour offers a small selection of bags, hair accessories and shoes to complete your look.

Make sure to be the photo-booth worthy and set the scene for a day of sweet memories.