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The 50ies is the decade to head for inspiration this season. Just take a look at Lana del Rey, one of the brightest shining stars right now. No other decade showed such perfection in lines, forms and volume. No other decade created equally sophisticated examples of fashion, architecture and design.

Recall the classic photos of Audrey Hepburn in Vogue, so elegant, so modern, so fresh. The detailed sculpturing of shoulders, waist and hips redefined female beauty, now a combination of soft and strong. Jackets and skirts worn as a suit or skirts with volume worn with a cropped, fitted top or knit, all was part of the new look. And over all volume, volume, volume.

The 50ies was the era of some of history’s greatest design landmarks: The Sydney Opera House, made by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, with it’s characteristic shell-roof, is an important source of inspiration for many of the details in fashion this season. The “Egg chair” by Arne Jacobsen with its combination of opulent curves and yet clean lines is another example inspiring some of the season’s forms. In skirts, shoulders and coats, clear traces go back to the lines of Utzon and Jacobsen.